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Thematic Repair

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Narrative Arcs

Unforgettable Visuals

I'm Bill Lynn, creator of Marching Arts Designs. I engineer marching arts shows with heightened impact and meaning.

My experience in theater and film helps me to create unique, emotional marching arts shows with both depth and excitement. With knowledge of story architecture in the dramatic arts, I create custom, bold themes for my clients. Today's arts education programs insist on substance-- building social relevance, symbolic alignment, organic authenticity and literary allusion into your show. Whether you want a concept from scratch, or an infusion of depth into an existing concept, Marching Arts Designs has your answer.

Your drum corps or marching band show will benefit from my experience in storytelling for film, television and the stage. I offer thematic repair and alignment services, creation of narrative arcs, show concepts from scratch, and unforgettable visuals which align with your selected music.