Show Concept Samples

Concept Documents

Marching Arts Designs show concept documents include the following:

  • musical selections

  • theme

  • subject matter

  • stage set/stage prop recommendations

  • major visuals/action

  • overall dramatic arc

  • satisfying ending

    The documents don't include arrangements, drill specifications, costuming designs or flag designs. (Costume design suggestions and flag designs are available, upon request.) The show concepts are fully adjustable. They can be modified to fit any size performing unit, and can be adjusted to suit alternate musical selections or alternate themes.

These concept documents are for outdoor marching shows. Many other complete show concepts are available for indoor color guard, too.

Two Mozarts - Show Concept 2021d.pdf
Camera Obscura - Show Concept Doc.pdf
Carousel of Wonder - Show Concept 2021d.pdf

Two Mozarts is an outdoor marching show concept that depicts the rivalry between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his father. The theme centers around parents' expectations and young adults' desire for freedom and autonomy.

Two Mozarts

American Images, a show concept for marching band or drum corps, depicts photographers behind the scenes capturing iconic American photographs from the 1930's to the 1960's. The scenes are re-enacted on the field, and viewers in the stands can see a Youtube slideshow displaying the original photographs in real time.

American Images

Carousel of Wonder is an outdoor marching arts show that depicts a turn-of-the-century carousel at a fair, where the ride operators and animated creatures onboard break free from the oppressive constraints of the fair owner.

Carousel of Wonder


These images are samples of Photoshop renderings that appear in show concept documents. Photoshop renderings convey the thematic point of focus of the show in a way that Pyware and other marching software programs cannot.