List of Services

Show design is filled with challenges in both pre-production and during the season. With clarity and research on the show's subject matter and theme in the early phases of the show design, the process of developing your show's narrative arc will be smooth and efficient, and without last-minute scrambles to find an ending or adapt to changes in the staging.

Troubleshooting Design

Marching Arts Designs can:

Tweak a subject matter or theme after the music is already chosen.

Tweak a theme after the subject matter is already chosen.

Select music after the theme is already chosen.

Tweak the theme after an anomaly or misinterpretation was discovered in the original design.

Expand a show concept with an additional focus or layer to add depth and visual interest.

Find that elusive ending.

Develop high-impact, alternate, last-minute stage sets or props or character "devices" or action with a limited budget and time.

Developing a Show Concept

Marching Arts Designs can:

Create show concepts of substance, even if elements are in place already:

-Music selections already in place

-Theme selections already in place

-Show concepts from scratch

Design action-based show elements that heighten and resolve by the end:

-Research literary, historical, cultural and musical background of music or subject matter.

-Root your show theme in literary, historical or cultural context of depth and substance.

-Create an arc of high stakes narrative action including story elements or heightening pattern.

-Create an ending that visually satisfies and completes an arc of action using the standard structures of writing: a final escalated example of a pattern, a reversal, a surprise emotion, an unexpected introduction of character, a switching of temperament, or a hook.

-Make recommendations for large scale sets, props, characters, choreography, patterns of movement, or other devices to convey the action.

-Render the staging in graphical form- to scale- to test the effectiveness and clarity of action.

-Recommend alternate endings as finals competition draws near.

One-Sheets and Show Descriptions

Marching Arts Designs can:

Compose show descriptions that convey the depth of concept.

Compose show announcements for public consumption on social media, special interest websites, FloMarching, DCI, and other platforms.

Compose and deliver press releases.

Compose informational "one-sheets" to introduce the show concept and supporting details to judges.